Dịch vụ thiết kế Website / Ứng dụng của Wise Solutions & Services

Dedicated design 

All of our designs go through a very thorough analysis of the subject matter, not only beautifully, but also strongly stimulate the target audience.

Flexible customization 

We create custom functions that you can change many components on the Website such as Logo, Hotline, this work has been optimized by us, you do not have much management experience but still can manage.

Operational optimization 

Website is always stable and optimized to provide the fastest access speed, can withstand large users; Security checks and decentralization to prevent hackers can penetrate the system.


Website designed for mobile device interface, convenient and easy to use. Give your users the best mobile experience.

 Friendly media server

The usual systems of communication, advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, … are only optimized at the level of search engine friendly but we will not stop there, your website will be optimized to be friendly with the whole system

 Hosting & Domain

For customers who use our Website Design services will be supported using combo Hosting & Domain; All are free to install, configure..

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